Chisholm Creek Wastewater Plant - Executive Summary

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This facility is operated by Professional Services Group (PSG) a subsidiary of Aqua Alliance, Inc.  The location of the facility is 2200 N. Western in Oklahoma City, OK, in Oklahoma County. This  summary was prepared to comply with the Risk Management Plans requirements under the Clean Air Act (r).  The facility contains or has the potential to contain 2500 pounds or more chlorine. The volume of chlorine on site is normally 4000 pounds.  
This plan includes maps of the area with corresponding maps indicating the possible hazard zone under the Worst Case Scenario and an Alternative Release Scenario as required by the Clean Air Act RMP requirements in section (r) for program 3 facilities.  These maps delineate the areas that are considered hazard zones under each scenario and the area that will need to either be evacuated or have the residents or occupants sheltered in place. 
PSG takes many precautions to prevent releases of chlorine gases that could affect either their employee 
s, nearby business and the public.  The precautions include on site alarm systems to warn employees of a release, an automatic communication system that notifies emergency 911 operators of a chlorine release who will in turn notify the local HazMat team, an enclosed storage location to assist in containing the leak, a ventilation system to protect workers and, when appropriate, disperse the chlorine gas in a safe manner over a period of time.  The most probable type of releases may occur when there is a transfer hose or washer failure in the chlorine lines.  PSG has trained a number of workers who know how to use emergency equipment, self contained breathing apparatus and other personal protective equipment to repair such leaks.  PSG keeps a  chlorine"B" kit on site and has trained its employees to perform repairs on small leaks.   This is to be done in conjunction with the Edmond Fire Department and Oklahoma City HazMat Team.  All necessary spare parts that might be required to repair 
the anticipated types of leaks are available on site.  Further, PSG personnel audit the facility to maintain emergency equipment, communication systems and the training status of its employees.  
PSG has worked with the local emergency responders such as the Fire Department, their HazMat group, the local police departments and the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) to ensure that all parties are aware of the emergency response plan and know what to do in the event of an accidental release of chlorine.   
The purpose of this Risk Management Plan is to: 
1.Protect PSG employees, nearby businesses and the public from the potential harm of uncontrolled releases of chlorine both on and off the facility site; 
2.Provide information for onsite emergency responders to use to access the hazard of a     release or threatened release of chlorine; 
3.Establish procedures for activation of this plan and the emergency response to uncontrolled releases; 
4.Comply with the requirements o 
f the Section (r) of Clean Air Act; 
5.Provide Emergency Response agencies with relevant information for responding to an incident at this facility; 
6.Facilitate the coordination of emergency communications to potentially affected residents of the community.
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