Jackson Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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Professional Service Group operates the Potable Water Treatment Facility for the City of Jackson, Alabama.  The plant is located on Highway 77 just east of State Highway 43 and in proximity of the Tombigbee River.  The plant provides the filtering and chemical treatment activities needed to service the water needs for the City of Jackson.  The plant pumping capacity is two million gallons per day with a maximum flow capability of three million gallons per day.  The raw water for the site is delivered via underground piping from the well fields located within four miles of the plant. 
After receiving the raw water, the plant provides flitering and chemical treatment, which includes the chlorination of the water stream.  The chlorination is accomplished by the use of a splash box system which ensures maximum contact.  The chlorine is delivered to the water treatment splash box from a two thousand pound storage cylinder.  There are two of these cylinders in service which necessatate the d 
evelopment of this RMP submittal.
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