Bama Sea Products Inc. - Executive Summary

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In October of 1998 Bama Sea Products Inc. purchased the facility a 756 28th. St. South. The previous owner had none of the information or programs in place needed for the RMP program. We have all of our saftey programs and training programs in place in our other facility which does not come under the Rmp program,but were needed for OSHA compliance.We have taken these programs and modifed them to meet the requirements of the RMP program.The elements of these programs include Emergency Response,with a listing and documentation of all training ,the who' s who list of the program and what there responsibilities are, and the listing of the LEPC and there phone numbers. We are in the process of doing a full inspection of all the equipment and piping in the facility an documenting these findings . We expect to complete all of thes inspections and have a Re- Submit completed no later than 06/21/2000 .
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