Midland Wastewater Plant - Executive Summary

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Midland wastewater treatment plant uses chlorine for disinfection of wastewater. This regulated substance stationary source is located in the disinfection building(blg.#9200) at the south end portion of the wastewater treatment plant poperty. 
Included in the RMP is the emergency responce plan and on-site emergency plan for the Midland WWTP.Such plans utilize the City of Midland Fire Department and the Midland County LEPC. Activation of these emergency plans would take place under any type of release scenario. Midland WWTP has no history in regards to any type of accidental release scenario. 
Midland's WWTP status under RMP guidelines fall under program three process which requires a worst case scenario and an alternative case scenario which is included in Midland's WWTP RMP. Enclosure of the chlorination system is a mitigation measure that is utilized and limits the distance for each of these scenarios. 
Accidental release prevention includeds:two-man procedures for changing chlorine cyl 
inders, inspection of the chlorination system three times or more per day, and a chlorine leak alarm system in both the chlorination room and the tank room of the disenfection building. The alarm system is inspected daily and calibrated monthly.Calibration records for these tasks can be found in the plant preventative maintenance program records. Procedures for changing chlorine cylinders can be found in the chlorine safety and handling subsection of the wastewater plant PSM . Currently there are no changes planned for this program.
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