Michigan Freeze Pack Co. - Executive Summary

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                     Certification Letter 
Certification Statement for Program 1 Process(es) 
Based on the criteria in 40 CFR 68.10, the distance to the  
specified endpoint for the worst-case accidental release scenario 
for the following process(es) is less than the distance to the  
nearest public receptor:  
 [insert description for first program 1 process from executive  
 [insert description for second program 1 process from executive  
Within the past five years, the process(es) has (have) had no  
accidental release that caused offsite impacts provided in the  
risk management program rule (40 CFR 68.10(b)(1)).  No additional  
measures are necessary to prevent offsite impacts from accidental  
releases.  In the event of fire, explosion, or a release of a  
regulated substance from the process(es), entry within the  
distance to the specified endpoints may pose a danger to public  
emergency responders.  Theref 
ore, public emergency responders  
should not enter this area except as arranged with the emergency  
contact indicated in the RMP.  The undersigned certifies that, to  
the best of my knowledge, information, and belief, formed after  
reasonable inquiry, the information submitted is true, accurate,  
and complete. 
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