Whiteside FS Inc. - Executive Summary

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1. Facility Accidental Release and Emergency Response Policy 
    The managrment and employees of Whiteside FS Inc. are committed to the prevention of any  
    accidental releases of anhydrous ammonia. If an accidental release should occur, the facility is 
    prepared to work with the local fire department, or other authorites, to migrate any release and 
    minimize the impact of the release to people and the environment. 
2. The Stationary Source and the Regulated Substances Handled. 
    The primary activity at the facility is the storage and blending of fertilizers for sale to farmers.  
    Anhydrous ammonia is recieved, stored, and distributed for direct application as a crop nutrient. 
    Access to the site is restricted to authorized facility employees, authorized management personnel 
    and authorized contractors. 
    The maximum quantity of anhydrous ammonia that can be stored would be 84,000 pounds. 
3. The Worst- case Release scenario and the alternative Rele 
ase Scenario. 
   The worst-case release scenario would be the release of the total contents of a storage tank re- 
   leased as a gas over 10 minutes. The maximum quantity releasedwould be 84,000 pounds, which 
   represents the volume of the largest storage tank as limited by design standards.
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