Falls City Water Plant, El Oso Water Supply Corpor - Executive Summary

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The El Oso Water Supply Corporation (WSC)  is a rural water system that ownes operates and maintains four (4) water plant and a large distribution piping system.  Three of the water plants include facilitiies for chlorination of the water for disenfection.  Chlorine gas is mixed with water and injected into the distribution piping as it leaves the plant.  At two of the plants, the Ray Point plant and the El Oso Plant, chlorine is stored in 150 pound bottles, usually no more than four bottles at one time, for a total stored amount of 600 pounds chlorine gas per location. 
The Falls City plant has a higher chlorine demand and is the most remote of all the plants and therefore chlorine is stored in 2,000 pound drums.  One drum is on linewhile  the other is kept in reserve.  The maximum stored at any one time is 4,000 pounds, chlorine gas.  The drums are kept outside of the pump house,  on a slab protected by a cover. 
The Falls City Water Plant is visited at least once per day by an El Os 
o employee, to take meter readings and to check on the plants operation.  The El Oso WSC has not had a chlorine gas leak occurance in the past five years. The plant has a self contained breathing apparatus with 30 minute air supply mounted in the pump room.    
The El Oso WSC facilities are inspected on a regular basis by the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) for compliance with State Rules and Regulations.
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