City of Philadelphia Water Treatment Plant - Executive Summary

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Philadelphia Utilities has operated the Philadelphia Water Treatment Plant since 1972.  During that time there has been no chlorine related incident in large part due to the conscious efforts of facility personnel to maintain a safe operating environment.  The water treatment plant is staffed  twenty four hours per day year round, and plant personnel are keenly aware of the dangers of chlorine and are completely qualified to promptly deal with such emergencies.  State of the art equipment, including two self contained breathing apparatuses are on site.  Our inventory also includes an Emergency Kit "B" for use in repair of chlorine leaks--large and small.  Operators work under strict guidelines when changing chlorine cylinders.  Although state law requires Philadelphia Utilities to have one certified waterworks employee on its staff, Philadelphia Utilities currently has four full time employees who hold Class B Certificates.  A complete Chlorine Emergency Response Plan is on display in  
The Philadelphia Water Treatment Plant and is on file with The City of Philadelphia and local emergency response personnel.  The Philadelphia Fire Department has visited the water treatment plant and has jointly participated with Philadelphia Utilities' personnel in training sessions.  Operating personnel are constantly evaluating plant performance and safety,  and recently installed state of the art chlorine delivery equipment thereby replacing effective but outdated equipment.  Policy makers and management of Philadelphia Utilities place its highest priority on workplace safety and implementation of safe work practices to insure a high level of safety to all persons in this community.
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