Urbana Fertilizer - Executive Summary

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1. Facility Policy  
      The owners, Management , and employees of Champaign Landmark are commited to the prevention of any accidental release of Anhydrous Ammonia.  If an accidental release should occur ,  the facilty will work with the local fire departments , or any other authorities to mitigate any release and minimize the impact of the release to people and the environment. 
2. Facility Information 
       Champaign Landmark is located at the North end of Urbana.  The facilty has many different services at this location; Tire Service,Petroleum sales,Maintenance,Feed Elevator, as well as Fertilizer.   
        Anhydrous Ammonia is recieved, stored, and distributed for farmer use on field crops. 
        The maximum stored at any given time is 25,500 which is 85% of a 30,000 gal storage tank. We would all so have on site another 150,000 pounds being unloaded from railcars. 
3. Worst -Case Release Scenario and Alternative Release Scenario 
        The worst case release scenario 
would be the release of the total contents of the storage tank 25,500 gallons.  This release would reach its endpoint at 200ppm at 1.16 miles from the tank.  The alternative release which would be a transfer hose release would be 11,908 lbs. and would reach its .56 mi. endpoint in two minutes 
4. The accidental release prevention program 
         This facility has implemented the OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.1  11, "Storage and handling of anhydrous ammonia."  And the Ohio Department of Agriculture. 
5. Five Year Accident History 
           This facility has not had a release in accordance with 40 CFR 68.48 in the past five years. 
6. Emergency Response Program 
            Our Emergency Response Program is current and has been gone over by all personnel and is gone over with new employees as part of New Employee Orientation.  The local emergency responders have recieved training in the proper handling of NH3 response. 
7. Planned Changes To Improve Safety 
           Champaign Landmark wi 
ll remain proactive in the areas of accident prevention.  With the ODA and our own self audits we feel that the chances of accidental releases is minimal.  We are making no specific anhydrous ammonia safety recommendations at this time.
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