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We have one process, that is Anhydrous Ammonia. The office of the Indiana State Chemist has regulations that we have complied with for years. The equipment is inspected and maintained according to these regulations. All safety equipment is in place and available in case of emergency. Employees are trained to respond to Emergencies. This facility is a retail Farm Supply outlet, that supplies a variety of Fertilizer, Feed,Pesticides, and other equipment. All of our Fertilizer and pesticides are in concrete Secondary containment. We have emergency response plans in place with the Local and State agencies and comply with Sara Title III and 302 reporting. The Anhydrous Ammonia tanks are equiped with overfill protection devices and excess flow valves. Anhydrous Ammonia is a seasonal product and is not stored more than four to five months each year, usually from January to June. The storage tank has a capacity of 40 Tonsand is highly unlikely it could all be released in an accident. The worst 
case Scenario would be if the wind is from the Norht and a release occured, which would move vapor toward the town. Prevailing spring winds are usually from the South which would not have the offsite impact.
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