Bunge Foods, Inc. - Executive Summary

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Ammonia is stored and used on site as a refrigerant by Bunge Foods at the Chattanooga, TN facility in quantities that exceed the threshold quanity for ammonia as defined by the Risk Management Program regulations.  Bunge Foods has diligently developed and implemented a comprehensive Risk Management Program, assessing the hazards associated with the process, as well as implementing procedures which minimize the the probability and severity of an ammonia release. 
We have not had an accident in the past five years involving ammonia that caused deaths, injuries, property or environmental damage, evacuations, or shelterings in place.  The ammonia refrigeration process complies with the ANSHRAE standards for ammonia refrigeration.  Furthermore, the facility complies with the EPA's accident prevention rule and all applicable state and local codes and regulations. 
Our worst-case scenario is the unlikely failure of the high-pressure receiving tank during a time in which all of the ammonia is  
stored in it.  The resulting distance to the endpoint extends offsite, and public receptors are within the distance to the endpoint.  Our alternative release scenario is a piping break.  The resulting distance to the endpoint extends offsite, and public receptors are withihn the distance to the endpoint.   
In the event of an emergency involving the ammonia refrigeration process, it is our policy to notify the Chattanooga Fire Department, the Police Department, and the Chattanooga Emergency Response Team, among others.
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