Arrow-Magnolia,International Inc. - Executive Summary

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Arrow-Magnolia International, Inc. manufactures and distributes about 400 specialty chemical products for use in cleaning and maintaining equipment and general maintenance and sanitation.  The Company also distributes certain nonchemical products, such as paper and other janitorial supplies, related to its chemical products.  Inventory is limited to keep amounts of hazardous chemicals at a minimum.  Currently, only one toxic chemical is stored on-site sometimes above the threshold level: muriatic acid at a maximum capacity of 5000 gallons.  The muriatic acid contains 31.5 % hydrogen chloride.  The acid is stored outside in an above ground storage tank.  All filling procedures involving the acid are done outside.  The tank sits within a diked area that can hold more than 6000 gallons.  The dike, tank and fittings are visually inspected daily.  Worst case scenerio would be leakage of entire tank into the diked area.  Efforts would be made to store the spilled acid and reuse it in our pro 
ducts.  The alternative scenerio involves a transfer line failure from a 5000 gallon tanker (valve shut off within one minute of failure).  There have been no accidental releases in the last five years.  Safety meetings are conducted quarterly including fire drills and instruction in use of fire extinguishers.  Training is provided for the handling of chemicals and MSDS's are available for all raw materials and finished products.  Small spills are captured and recycled.  Neutralization chemicals may also be used for small spills.   Large spills would be handled by the local Fire Department.  Transportation emergencies are coordinated by CHEM-TEL.
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