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Facility Policies:  We are committed to the prevention of any accidental release of Anhydrous Ammonia.  If an accidental release of Ammonia should occur, it is our policy to notify the Mayfield Fire Department or other authorities to minimize the impact of the release to people and the environment. 
Facility Information:  This facility is a grain handling facility.  We also resale fertilizer for farm use.  We have a maximum storage of 92700 pounds of Anhydrous Ammonia. 
Worst Case Scenario:  A release of 10000 pounds into the atmosphere over a 10 minute time frame.  The release rate would be 1000 pounds per minute with an estimated distance to endpoint of 1.6 miles. 
Accidental Release Prevention Program:  This facility complies with EPAs accident prevention rule and all state and local codes and regulations.  Our facility is regulated by the Kansas Department of Ag. 
Five Year Accident History:  There has been no accidents to report within the last five years involving Anhydrous that 
caused death or injury to people or property or any environmental damage. 
The Emergency Response Program:  This facility has a written emergency action plan in accordance with OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.38.  Further more it is our policy to notify the Mayfield Fire Department and request that they respond to the emergency.
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