Schering-Plough Products, Inc., Manatm Operations - Executive Summary

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Schering-Plough Products, Inc. (SPPI) is involved in the manufacture of bulk pharmaceutical active ingredients (antibiotics and steroids) as well as final dosage products.  It is during the manufacture of bulk steroids that two Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulated chemicals (toxic liquids) are used above threshold quantities:  Chloroform & Hydrofluoric Acid.  SPPI stores these chemicals above threshold quantities.  It is only chloroform for which manufacturing processes exceed the threshold value.  Hydrofluoric acid is stored in 53 kg containers and its is only in the process of storing or receiving this chemical that the threshold value is exceeded as one would add up the contents of all drums. 
FIVE YEARS ACCIDENT HISTORY:  We have not experienced any reportable accident involving the regulated chemicals as defined by 40 CFR 68.42 during the last five (5) years. 
EMERGENCY RESPONSE PROGRAM:  SPPI has prepared itself with an Emergency Brigade which receives training to provide adequad 
e response to spill or fire accidents.  It also provides training to "first responders" , who work in operational areas.   We have made arrangements for mutual support with the local Community Awareness and Emergency Response (CAER) group and through a Mutual Aid Agreement forthe management of incidents that may require outside support.  We have implemented an Emergency Response procedure and also have "in place" a Crisis Communications procedure. 
WORST CASE RELEASE SCENARIO:  The worst case scenario has been chosen as the complete rupture of a chloroform tank containing 20,000 gallons (toxic liquid spill).  Although the tank is diked, it has the potential for offsite impact of approximately 0.40 miles (Area Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres (ALOHA)). 
ALTERNATIVE RELEASE SCENARIOS:  Two alternate release scenarios were considered.  (1) Chloroform release - the rupture of a tank truck transfer hose which could have outside impact (0.21 miles, existing diking considered), and (2) Hydr 
ofluoric Acid - the rupture of a 53 Kg drum which could have outside impact (0.05 miles, no dike considered).
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