Albert Branch - Executive Summary

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The Great Bend Coop Executive Summary-Albert Branch-Prepared by: Dennis D. Neeland 
1.The Facility Policy 
The Management and Employees are committed to the prevention of any type of accidental release of NH3 or any other chemical that is stored at this facility. The Great Bend Coop is a Farmland Industries "AG-21" member one of only three in the State of Kansas. AG-21 is a program that is Enviromental Driven. The Coop goes above and beyond industry standards for the safety of customers, employees and the enviroment. 
2.Facility Information: 
The NH3 plant is located on the north edge of the town of Albert  in the City Limits. The facility has one 18,000 gallon storage tank. 
3.The Worst Case  and Alternate Case Release Scenario 
Worst case scenario would release 84,060 pounds in a ten minute period or 8,410 pounds per minute, with a 3.3 mile to end point. The Alternate Release  involves over filling this could travel .10. The figures expressed are estimates. 
4.Accidental Release Prevention  
The Coop recognize all safety procedures required by State and Federal Regulations. The Coop also complies with recommendations from Farmland's AG-21 policies and general industry standards. the most common accidental release would be the over filling of nurse trailers. An example would be if the trailer would be filled to 85-90% on a cool morning, as the air temperature rises, the product expands and cause the pressure relief valve to let product escape. Our policy is not to fill above 86%. 
5.Five Year Accidient History: 
The Coop has not had a major accidient release within the past five years. 
6.Emergency Response Program: 
The Coop has an Emergency Response Plan, Emergency Action Plan, and Employee Safety Committee. All areas have worked with the County, City of Albert, and the Coop's Insurance Company to develop  these plans. 
7.Planned Safety Changes: 
The Company  Safety Committee, which is comprised of a representive from each Branch or Department. The Committee tours a Br 
anch or Department once per month. All areas are toured at least once per twelve month period, sometime twice. Safety is an on going program, changes are made on a as needed basis as new regulations or concerns arise.
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