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Heiman Agri-Services is a retail outlet for farm supplies, as well as being a grain elevator.  We handle feed, seed, fertilizers, including annhydrous ammonia, propane, as well as other ag related supplies and services.  Employees are trained upon hiring, and all receive annual retraing and recertification in any and all areas that the employee could be involved with.  We also undergo at least annual safety inspections from the Mo Dept of Agriculture on both propane and annhy ammonia,  annual inspections by an independant company that is provided to us by one of our suppliers.  and at least annual inspections by our insurance carrier.  Located in a small rural town, a sizable portion of the population understands the seasonal nature of our business.  We have a 30000 gallon propane storage tank and a 30000 gallon annhydrous ammonia tank.  The worst case plan for both NH3 and propane was to lose the entire volume in a 10 minute span, according to the RMP Comp  program.  It is almost unhe 
ard of for a worst case to occur, without it being caused by a "natural" mother nature disaster.  The alternate case was chosen because although it has not happened. these simple short releases can occur during a busy seasonal time.  The data on the alternate case was obtained from the RMP Comp program.  Thus far we have not had an accident.  We have not ahd an accident in the past 5 years with annhy and to date have only been in the propane business for under two years and we have not had any accidental release of this product to date.  Our emergency response is coordinated with the Butler Fire Department which is a Volunteer department.  We have had the dept on our facility to tour the facilities as to where different products and processes were contained, so they could be more properly informed and aware of any and all potentially dangerous situations.  Safety is constantly being monitored and is a goal of Heiman Agri-Services.  Any personell that is involved has had and is constant 
ly being safety conscience trained.  We also have an employee that has had hazardous material first responder training.
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