Britz Fertilizers, Inc. - Coalinga Yard - Executive Summary

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This Britz Fertilizers, Inc. facility near Coalinga, California sells anhydrous ammonia, as a fertilizer, directly to area farmers.  This facility is operated as a satellite unit of the Five Points facility, and therefore is frequently unmanned.  When unmanned, its gates are locked. 
The employees who handle the ammonia at this facility receive training both at Five Points and here.  An inspection program by management is conducted periodically to minimize the potential for accidental releases.  A program exists which outlines the steps for emergency notification of appropriate government agencies in the event of an accidental release which threatens to go off-site. 
The anhydrous ammonia at this site is contained in a single storage tank, with a gross water capacity of 14,100 gallons.  At the normal maximum fill of 85%, this computes to 61,120 pounds of ammonia. 
Program 2 was selected for this facility because we distribute the ammonia as a nitrogen fertilizer at the retail level, a 
nd DO NOT manufacture it or allter this product after we receive it here.  Because we have public receptors within the worst-case scenario zone, it does not qualify as a Program 1 facility. 
NOTE:  The Toxics - Worst Case portion, Section 2.13 (d) indicates "Prisons/Correction facilities" within the worst-case zone.  A portion of the California Corrections Department's Pleasant Valley State Prison falls within this zone.  However, prison officials have determined that no occupied structures, with the exception of one guard tower (which is manned only during emergencies), fall within the zone.  Only the entrance (no guard house), driveways and landscaped areas are within the zone.  Therefore, only transient and maintenance personnel would normally be present in the zone areas.  
The worst-case scenario is the release of the entire 61,120 pound contents of the storage tank, which has an off-site impact with a toxic end point of 1.1 miles.  The alternative case scenario is a leak release f 
rom a 2-inch pipe, having an off-site impact with a toxic end point of 0.60 miles.  The toxic end points are calculated with the DEGADIS air dispersion model. 
There have been no accidental releases or near misses of anhydrous ammonia in the past 5 years that have caused any deaths, injuries or significant property damage at the facility; nor have resulted in off-site deaths, injuries, evacuations, sheltering in place, property damage or environmental damage. 
The emergency response program consists of a facility-specific evacuation plan (for which the employees have been trained); the county-wide emergency response plan with the Fresno County Fire Protection District as the emergency responder; and the provision for notifying appropriate minicipal agencies in the event of a release witch goes or threatens to go off-site. 
Facility personnel are given training for the safe handling and distribution of the ammonia, consisting of initial training for new employees and refresher training  
for longer term employees. 
Some changes will be made to the facility's physical processes due to the results of the audits performed in conjunction with the preparation of the RMP.
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