Plumrose, USA - Executive Summary

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Accidental release prevention and emergency response policies at Plumrose 
The policy of Plumrose USA, is to develop those programs necessary to protect the health of its employees against on-the-job hazards which may cause sickness or injury now or in the future.  Also, as the operator of a facility at which substances may be used that in uncontrolled situations could cause harm to the public and damage to the environment, we will strive for environmental excellence with a commitment to continual improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with legislative requirements.  The Risk Management Program (RMP) is one of these programs. 
    Each employee in areas where the RMP is applicable will be knowledgeable of the related policies and procedures and the supervisors or a designated person is required to insure that they understand them.  Employees and supervisors are required to comply with our policies and are subject to corrective action in those cases determined to indicate willf 
ul violation. 
   A written plan of action regarding the implementation of employee participation in the program has been developed as a part of our Release Prevention Program as specified by 29 CFR 1910.119.  A compilation of safety information to enable Plumrose USA and the employees involved in the ammonia operations to operate safety has been accumulated.  This process safety information includes information pertaining to the toxicological and physical hazards of the chemical listed.  This plan of action includes information pertaining to the technology of the processes, and information pertaining to any equipment used in the processes. 
A complete hazard analysis and study of the ammonia system's mechanical integrity has been completed on the ammonia receipt, storage, and utilization operations have been completed.  This analysis was completed                                                                                                                                                
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