Raber Elevator Company - Executive Summary

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Raber Elevator handles and dispenses Anhydrous Ammonia.  There is one main storage tank that holds 18,000 gallons and 38 nurse tanks on the premises.  The worst case scenario that is presented in this RMP is to have an end point of 2.0 miles from the facility.  The chances of this happening are very remote.  The facility has not had a reportable release in the last five years of operation.  This is been due to safety practicies and safety management that are in place.  Employees are specific trained on how to handle anhydrous, safety measures to use, personal protection equipment to be worn, and the safe transfer and handling procedures whether unloading a delivery vessel or loading anhydrous nurse tanks.  This training is done on an annual basis.  The handling of anhydrous ammonia is limited to a few individuals who are trained and feel comfortable handling the product.  This minimizes the chance of a release by accident.  Customers are instructed on the proper techniques for the hand 
ling of anhydrous ammonia.  Safety measures include tank and equipment inspections, hose and coupling inspections, and proper procedures used in handling anhydous ammonia when transfering from tank to tank.  Nurse tanks that are delivered to customers are in contact with the elevator through radio or cellular phone in case of an emergency happening on the road. 
An emergency action plan is in effect. The emergency action plan is reviewed annually and updated if needed.  The plan contains a document on "what to do in case of emergency" that spells out to all employees what steps should be taken in case of a spill or release.   It states irrevocably who is in charge, the duties of the person in charge, and what actions should be taken in case of release.  The plan list emergency phone numbers of equipment that may be required, emergency personnel for on site action, and emergency personnel if evacuation is required in the area.  The plan spells out a list of duties to be performed by the  
person in charge.  Local fire departments have been notified of this plan and that anhydrous ammonia is stored at this facility, how to fight a release, and how to treat persons overcome with anhydrous.  The plan is also filed with the local emergency response agency which is the Whitley County LEPC.  The community around Raber is rural and limited population.  There are two very small towns that are within the 2.0 mile radius of the facility. 
Raber Elevator has tried to do everything possible to make the chance of a release minimal and to make sure that all precautions are taken to protect the public and surrounding entities in case of an accidental release.
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