Flat Rock Ag Supply, Inc. - Executive Summary

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    Flat Rock Ag Supply, Inc. is an agricultural retailer, which distributes fertilizer and chemicals to farmers.  Our clients reside in Shelby and Bartholomew Counties.  Our regulated substance is Anhydrous Ammomia.  This product is sold in the spring and early summer months.  The product is stored in a 10,000 gallon storage tank.  It is distributed to farmers by nurse tanks.  The farmer applies the anhydrous ammomia direct from the tank and injected directly into the soil. 
    Our plant has an emerergy response plan which contains at least 1.) emergency escape procedures and emergency route assignments; 2.) employee procedures for those who operate critical operations before evacuating; 3.) procedures to account for all employees after the evacuation is complete; 4.) description of rescue and medical duties for employees; 5.) preferred means of reporting fires and other emergencies to the respective agencies; and 6.) names and job titles of persons who can be contacted for further  
information concerning the emergency response plan.  In addition to the emergency response plan, employees are trained annually on safety and handling of fertilizer and chemical materials.   
    Our worst case scenario would be a leak in the storage tank.  Our facility has a 10,000 gallon tank, which is only filled to 85% of the tank capacity.  This scenario assumes that the tank would be filled and it would leak in ten minutes.  This leak would affect the rural area of Washington Township in Shelby County, Indiana.  A small rural town called Flat Rock would be affected in this scenario.  The affected area is a 1.6 mile radius from the storage tank. 
   Our alternative case scenario would be a rupture of a transfer hose from the storage tank to a nurse tank.  The transfer hose size in 1.25 inches and the duration of the leak would last for two minutes.  Employees are always present when transfering Anhydrous Ammomia.  Therefore, the leak would not last longer than two minutes.  Using  
the DEGADIS model provided by The Fertilizer Institute, this scenario would affect a 0.78 mile radius from the storage tank.  Thus, only the northern part of Flat Rock would be affected. 
    We are proud to report that our plant has not had an accident in the last five years.  Through employee training and maintenance of our facitlity, we hope to continue this trend.  Our future plans are to continue on-going safety training of our employees and periodically maintenance  of our storage and handling equipment as preventive measures against accidents with hazardous materials!
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