North American Stainless - Executive Summary

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North American Stainless is a Stainless Steel processing plant that utilizes 70% Hydroflouric Acid as a pickling agent in the processing of the stainless steel.  This is the only regulated substance used at the facility. 
The accidental release prevention program utilized at North American Stainless consists of the elements required by the EPA Risk Management Program.  North American Stainless also has an emergency response program that meets the requirements of the standard.  Additional details regarding the prevention and emergency response programs are provide in this plan. 
NAS stores 70% HF in two 6000 gallon storage tanks and dilutes the concentration to ~4% for process use.    The worst-case scenario involves the loss of the maximum amount (6000 gallons) of one tank of 70% HF in inventory to the storage diked area.  Details regarding the hazard assessment of this scenario are included in this plan.  In addition, an alternative release involving the loss of 500-600 pounds of HF d 
uring via a hose rupture during  a transfer is included.  The alternative release scenario is mitigated almost immediately byk the driver of the vehicle, who has three different ways to shut off flow from a ruptured hose.  
In the history of North American Stainless (8 years) there have been no incidents involving the loss of any material that have resulted in reporting a release or an injury to any employee or driver that delivers HF to our facility. 
North American Stainless takes great pride in our commitment to Safety, Quality, Environmental Affairs, and Risk Management Systems.  As with our ISO 9002 Certification, North American Stainless believes in continuous improvement in all systems that effect our product, people, or process.  As we continue to grow and build new facilities that have an affect on this plan, we will continue to improve upon the systems to contain them.
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