Wpf - Farm 40 - Executive Summary

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    This facility complies with NFDA - 58 requirements for LP -Gas storage, and it is our policy to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.  If an emergency were to occur, it is our policy to notify the Platte County Fire Dept. and request their assistance. 
This facility is a swine nursery facility.  We use propane on the farm for heating purposes.  There is one 18,000 gallon propane tank and associated piping, valves, burners, and other miscellaneous equipment.   
Our worst case scenario is failure of the storage tank, resulting in a vapor cloud explosion.  According to EPA's look up tables, the distance to the endpoint is .3 miles.  Since this facility is located in a relatively remote, unoccopied area, the worst-case scenario would not affect anyone beyond our property. 
The propane system is designed, installed, and maintained in accordane with NFDA - 58 and state law. 
We have had no accidents involving propane. 
In the  event of an emergency involving our propane  
system, it is our policy to notify the Platte County Fire Dept.
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