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The Lemm Corporation (Lemm) operates an ammonia terminal, T/A Terminals, Inc. (T/A Terminals), Meredosia, Illinois.  The terminal stores anhydrous ammonia (ammonia) on site that requires protection as defined under the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) Process Safety Management (PSM) regulation and the Risk Management Plan (RMP) Threshold Quantity of 10,000 pounds (lbs.).  Lemm has implemented a PSM program to provide information to employees to deal with the risks involved with the storage, handling and processing of highly hazardous materials.  The program emphasizes the application of management controls and standard operating procedures when addressing the risks associated with handling or working near highly hazardous chemicals.  Lemm has also implemented a RMP to document how response to a release at T/A Terminals conducted and information provided to the emergency response agencies. 
The terminal is designed to receive agricultural grade ammonia either by truck, 
barge or rail, and store it a -28 F; it is also designed to transfer ammonia by truck, rail, pipeline, or barge. 
The ammonia stored is used primarily as an agricultural nitrogen fertilizer.  Ammonia is received by refrigerated barge through a pipeline from a riverport dock to the terminal, by pressurized rail containers and may be received by pressurized truck containers.   
The maximum inventory of 36,000 tons is contained in two (2) low temperature, low pressure storage tanks; a 20,000 ton and a 16,000 ton tank. 
The worst-case release and the alternate release scenarios are delineated below.  EPA's RMP*Comp was used in the consequence analyses. 
Worst Case 
Chemical and Amount Released:  40,000,000 lbs. of anhydrous ammonia  in 10 minutes.  
Weather Conditions:  77 F with a 3.4 mph wind in Class F atmospheric stability. 
This release would impact the urban area around T/A Terminals within a 25 mile radius and affect 51,000 residents, schools, hospitals, prison/correction faciliti 
es, recreation areas, major commercial, office and industrial areas, churches, day care centers and cemeteries.  The major environmental receptor affected would be the Illinois River. 
Alternate Case 
Chemical and Amount Released:  525 lbs. of anhydrous ammonia in 0.25 minutes. 
Weather Conditions:  77 F with a 6.7 mph wind in Class D atmospheric stability. 
This release would affect a 0.9 mile radius from the center of the facility and affect 50 residents and possibly the Illinois River. 
Lemm is in compliance with OSHA PSM and emergency action plan regulations, as well as the EPCRA Section 302 rules.  The regularly scheduled maintenance program is key to maintaining the T/A Terminals facility in good operation. 
There have been no reportable accidental releases at T/A Terminials during the last five (5) years. 
The most recent equipment inspection was August 31, 1998 of the facility instrumentation. 
Should there be an ammonia release, the Meredosia, Illnois Fire Department (MFD) will  
respond.  Should the need for an evacuation occur, the Meredosia, Illinois Police Department and neighboring  law enforcement agencies and will notify all households  within a 25 mile radius.   
Annual in-house employee training programs maintain and continually improve safety at T/A Terminals.
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