NF&M INTERNATIONAL - Executive Summary

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Acidental release and emergency response are items in our safety program that receive the highest priority and total commitment from the seinor management. Training, personal protective equipment, safe handling of chemicals seminars, first aid training, cpr training and emergency response procedures are provided to our employees. NF&M manufactures titanium bar stock for the Aerospace industry. Grinding and pickling of titanium occur at the Monaca facility. Hydroflouric Acid and Nitric Acid are the regulated substances used. The worst case scenario would be attributed to a puncture of a 55 gallon vessel. A dike system has been installed and written response procedures are intact. Water hoses are available to knock down at least 75% of the vapor helping to reduce the release rate. A secure storage area for the regulated chemicals is being implemented to help reduce the possibility of an indicent. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania EERP plan has been instituted at our plant. NF&M has no ac 
cident history. Periodic emergency response drills have taken place with county and city emergency response teams. Four employees have received Hazwoper training. Fire and fire extinguisher training are done annually. Monthly inspections and annual review of our emergency procedures maintain and upgrade our safety program.
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