Shields Fertilizer Co. Inc. - Executive Summary

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Shields Fertilizer Co. is a small, locally owned and operated 
fertilizer dealership that sell local farmers. We have been in business 
for 70 years. We have prided ourselves as good corporate neighbors. 
We are very conscious of our neighbors and neighborhoods and make 
every effort to operate a clean, safe, and neat facility. The owners and 
employees are all local people so we are part of the community. 
   Shields Fertilizer Co. holds regular safety and training 
meetings and employees regularly attend association and corporate 
sponsored seminars and training sessions so as to be the best trained 
and informed personnel as possible. Employees are knowledge as to 
what situations and materials may pose a health or environmental 
problem. We have discussed emergency reponse by employees should 
an accidental release occur eg. blocking storm drains with front end 
loaders, which way liquids would flow, ect. 
   The police and fire depts. are familiar w 
ith our facility and 
with our worst case scenarios. We have regular "walk through" with 
both depts. to keep them informed as to any changes. 
   We have diked all tanks to control accidental releases. 
Our aqua ammonia tanks are vented into a water tank to eliminated 
ammonia odor during unloading. 
   The worst case scenario for our location would be the 
release of aqua ammonia. The liquid would be contained by a concrete 
dike. The ammonia fumes would be released into the air. Two tenths of 
a miles the furthest drift distance under adverse atmospheric conditions 
according to RMP Comp. 
The maximum amount of aqua ammonia on hand is 
approximately 76 tons. 
In our 70 years of operation we have never had a release of 
reportable amounts. Our plant manager has been employed for over 35 
years and is very knowable and every employee has been here a 
mimmimem of four years, we have very little turnover of employees 
who are well trained. Two employees are volunteer fireman and the fire 
chief is a good cus 
We feel that our employees are trained to be aware of any 
potential problems and notify management immediately so correction 
can be made. Clay R. Shields, Vice Pres.
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