Laporte TX - Executive Summary

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The process involves bulk transfer and cylinder filling of hydrogen. Hydrogen is a flammable gas with an atmospheric pressure boiling point of -4230F. It is stored as a liquid at a pressure of approximately 70 psi in a vacuum-insulated cryogenic storage vessel.  It is stored as a gas at an ambient temperature in cylinders and tubes at pressures of up to 2750 psig.  Liquid hydrogen is delivered by tank truck and transferred to a 20,000 gallon cryogenic storage vessel. This liquid hydrogen is ultra high purity grade and used for specialty applications. For high usage rates, the liquid hydrogen is pumped through a bank of vaporizers and supplied to the Specialty Gas Plant. For low flow rates the UHP hydrogen liquid is gravity fed through a separate set of vaporizers where it changes to a gas and is fed to two (2) hydrogen compressors where the hydrogen is compressed, purified and supplied to cylinders and tube trailer stanchions The maximum contents of the largest hydrogen delivery truck/ 
trailer is 13,900 gallons.  The maximum contents of the largest cylinder filled is 300 SCF. Up to 200 such cylinders and/or smaller cylinders may be present at or near the storage vessel. The maximum capacity of the hydrogen tube bank is 10,400 SCF. Additionally, a maximum of 12 hydrogen tube trailers may be at the filling manifold. The maximum size of a hydrogen tube trailer is 120,000 SCF. The maximum intended inventory of hydrogen is 18,500 lb.
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