Briess Industries, Inc. - Waterloo Facility - Executive Summary

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Briess Industries, Waterloo facility is located at STH 19 West, Waterloo, WI.  This facility manufactures various malts for the brewing industry.  One process includes malt surfuring.  A step where a closely regulated amount of sulfur dioxide is introduced to a furnace with a malt, for a sepecified period of time.  The sulfur dioxide bleaches the malt. 
Prior to being owned by Briess Industries, Inc., this facility was owned by Miller Brewing Company.  Both owners have gone to great lengths to provide a safe working environment for employees, and act a good corporate neighbor.  We have done this through, among other things, compliance with all state and federal regulations.  In 1994 Miller Brewing prepared a Process Safety Management Plan to address OSHA's requirements for a facility plan to protect employee safety.  More recently, Briess Industries is not only updating the Process Safety Management Plan, as required by law, we are also coming into compliance with the EPA Risk Manageme 
nt Rule, this submittal being a part of that. 
Briess Industries, Inc. has worst and alternative release analyses, and addressed the residential population, public receptors, and environmental receptors that could be impacted by these releases. 
Briess Industries, Inc. relies on the local emergency response units such as the Waterloo Fire Department to respond to chemical releases, fires, and accidents at the facility, with the realization that the fire department will call in other emergency response units when appropriate.  Briess Industries is also included in the Jefferson County LEPC Emergency Response Plan. 
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