Kamole Water Treatment Facility - Executive Summary

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The regulated substances on site only include chlorine. The Kamole WTF currently has an adopted Chlorine Leak Alarm and Containment program.  The facility is equiped with an automated chlorine leak detection system which automaticly noitfies the DRC operator in the event of a leak.   The facility was newly renovated in 1998 and has no accident or incident history to date. The facility is located in the middle of pineapple filelds with no residenses or occupied structures in the immidate area.  The emergency response plan is out lined in the Chlorine Leak Alarm and Containment policy.  The inventory of Chlorine at the Kamole facility has been reduced to a maximum of 1400 Lbs. which is  below the reportable limit.  This report supersedes the previous submission made on June 9, 1999
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