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Aerosol Can Filling Process

Program Level 3 Process
74,000 lbs. of a Flammable Chemical Mixture composed of:
      Flammable Chemical "Isobutane [Propane, 2-Methyl]", CAS: 75-28-5.
      Flammable Chemical "Propane", CAS: 74-98-6.
      Flammable Chemical "Methyl Ether [Methane, Oxybis-]", CAS: 115-10-6.
71,000 lbs. of the Flammable Chemical "Difluoroethane [Ethane, 1,1-Difluoro-]", CAS: 75-37-6.
Process Industries (NAICS):
      All Other Chemical Product Manufacturing (32599)
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