MGK PLant 1 Hydrous - Executive Summary

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General Facility Overview: The Middle Georgia Hydrous Facility consists of a wet processing plant and associated equipment utilized to process kaolin.   Anhydrous ammonia is stored in liquefied form and made down into a water solution for use as a pH control agent in the crude kaolin blunging operations. 
Accidental Release and Emergency Response Policies:    It is the policy of ECC International to comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations.  If an emergency were to occur the Sandersville Fire Department and the Washington County EMA would be notified and requested to respond to the facility emergency. 
Worst Case Release Scenario - Anhydrous Ammonia:  The facility's worst case scenario is the catastrophic release of the entire liquid contents of the 20,000 gallon (89,000 lbs) anhydrous ammonia tank.  RMP Comp estimates the distance to end point of 3.4 miles.  This areas encompasses the entire populations of Sandersville and Tenille with an estimated population of 
9000 people. 
Alternative Release Scenarios - Anhydrous Ammonia:  Two scenarios were developed.  Scenario 1 involves a pipe leak with an end point of 0.3 mi and no impact to residential areas.  The second involves a hole in the side of the tank with an end point of 0.5 miles with impact to a residential area comprised of Hillcrest, Lime, Reeves, Cooper, Wiggins and Spring Streets. 
Five year accident history:  This facility had an accident in the previous five years involving propane which injured a propane repairman who had performed an unauthorized operation resulting in a flash fire. 
Emergency Response Program: ECC International does not have a formal emergency response/hazmat team and would depend on the Sandersville Fire Department and Washington County EMA for assistance and response.
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