Raabe Corporation, Inc. - Executive Summary

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Raabe Corporation custom packages specialized coatings into aerosols and other non-bulk containers.  Hazardous materials utilized on-site by Raabe include chemicals that are necessary for production of consumer paints including liquefied propellants propane and butane gas mixtures that are stored in outside individual bulk tanks along with paint solvent tanks. 
Raabe Corporation's main 52,000 square foot facility was constructed in 1986 with a 24,500 square foot expansion in 1995 and an additional 37,500 square foot warehouse in 1997. Originally, this facility was designed with leading edge technology to be the safest, most productive and expandable building of its kind. Even by today's tough standards, we continue to be "state of the art".  
Safety is our number one design consideration. As we grow our company continues to get safer by design. All of the bulk hazardous materials are stored in secured tanks located outside of the facility to protect our employees and community. The bul 
k propellant storage tanks are surrounded by a  "state of the art" fire suppression system that is foreign to most facilities. The bulk liquid tanks have a reinforced concrete dike surrounding them. All of the bulk hazardous materials are more than a quarter mile away from adjacent occupied buildings and surrounded by a secured chain-link barbed wire fence. The facility is located in an industrial park with no public receptors in the area of concern. 
On average, Raabe Corporation employees receive over a week of safety related training during their orientation period. This training includes a comprehensive session on chemical emergency action and release reporting which is retrained annually.   
Raabe Corporation has made paint products for almost fifty years and has great pride in its regulatory and safety history. We manage all hazardous materials with respect to all applicable government laws and regulations. As a manufacture of aerosol products and an industry leader, Raabe Co 
rporation is especially conscious of these laws. Raabe Corporation is committed to continually exceeding all government regulations to protect our employees, community and the security of the jobs we provide.  
If you would like more information about Raabe Corporation, this plan or about our commitment to serving and protecting the community, please call us at the number provided in this document.   
Thank you.
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