Cargill Inc. - Bongard - Executive Summary

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The Cargill-Bongard facility is one storage tank of propane. At the Bongard facility our only process is corn drying. Our worst case scenario is a broken fill hose or pipe. The tank has check valves, excess flow valves and hand valves. We have  the re commended safety equipment on the dryer such as a high and low pressure switches that will shut the dryer down if these perameters are exceeded on either the high or low side. We have all piping pressure tested annually. 
The Bongard facility is located in a very rual area, our nearest neighor is one family located over one-fourth mile away. We have written in our emergency action plan proceedures for propane mishaps. I feel we hace a very good working relationship with the Longview fire department. We have very good and well maintained equpment and very competent personel to operate same.
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