Heisey Farm Service - Executive Summary

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We are a family  owned agri-business operation. We custom apply anhydrous ammonia on corn ground. Our tank is located on our farm and has limited access to anyone except our family and one very reliable employee.  Each year at the start of the spring season we spend several weeks checking equipment.  We are very strick about updating worn hoses, checking values, making sure goggles, gloves and protective clothing are available.  We fill all water tanks and have water available by the large storage tank.  We were one of the first to implement our local SARA Title III program and have been istramental in encouraging others to follow our lead.  We update our local fire company about any changes on a regular basis, usually once a year, but oftener if warrented.  We provide update meetings for our customers each year which covers safty (even though we do all the handling of equipment).  We hand each customer a material data sheet and our own list of safty rules(these mainly pretain to the s 
mall nurse tanks, which do not fall under the RMP)  I state these facts only to help you understand that we go over and above the requirements needed.  Most of our neighbors are famers and understand our operation.  The majority of the other neighbors are life long residents and they also know about our operation and we are eager to help them understand what we do. If maintance needs to be done to the tank we try to do it on a crisp clear day, because the vapor will quickly go into the air instead of hanging on the ground when fog or a low cloud ceiling are present.  We have several back up relief values in place at all times, plus we have water at hands reach at all times.  At all times we stress that no short cuts should be taken and we remind each other to obey all safty rules.  We had had no accidental releases in our entire history, which dates back to the late 60's. Material containers are observed daily for defects by facility personnel.  A release of material would be detected  
through the use of senses.  We have a Emergency release notification form at all phone locations with the proper numbers to call in case of an emergency.  Our immediate nieghbors also have access to this information.  We hold update meetings at least 4 times each year, two of which are at the beginning of the spring and fall season.  We meet after the seasons are over to see if we need to update or change ony of our safty measurers.
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