Johnson Wax Professional Warehouse - Executive Summary

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Johnson Wax Professional delivers total customer care solutions by providing floor care and food sanitation products and services to its retail, building services contractor, food services and lodging customers worldwide. We are a privately held, family-managed company, with our worldwide headquarters located in Racine, Wisconsin. 
The Johnson Wax Professional Warehouse is a 365,000 square foot facility located at 7100 Durand Avenue in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. This is the primary warehouse facility for the storage and distribution of Johnson Wax Professional products. Professional products produced at the Johnson Waxdale manufacturing facility and contract manufactured products are sent to this facility for storage and subsequent distribution to secondary warehouse locations, other subsidiaries and customers.  
The warehouse stores aerosol products containing propellants which consist of propane, butane and isobutane blends. The maximum projected quantities (cases) of aerosol products st 
ored in the warehouse and the product propellant weights were used to estimate maximum quantities of RMP-regulated chemicals in the warehouse storage process.  
The worst case scenario performed, based on  EPA's Offsite Consequence Analysis Guidance, indicates that the distance to the 1 psi overpressure endpoint will not extend beyond plant property. No offsite receptors are impacted. There have also been no prior accidents at the facility resulting in any offsite environmental impacts.
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