Pineview Gas Processing Plant - Executive Summary

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7 Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies 
It is the policy of Citation Oil and Gas Company to be proactive in the protection of the safety and health of employees and the protection of the environment and the public.  Management has established: 
7 Employee training programs in safety and environmental protection. 
7 Monitoring programs to evaluate pollution control and safety performance. 
7 Responsibility to each supervisor for safety and environmental protection in his or her area of operations. 
7 Regulated Substances Handled 
The Pineview gas processing plant receives natural gas from gas wells in the Pineview area and strips the natural gas liquids (NGL) from the gas.  NGL, which is primarily propane, is stored in three 30,000 gallon bulk storage tanks and the remaining natural gas is transferred to a pipeline. 
The stripping process is accomplished by increasing the pressure and lowering the temperature on the incoming natural gas. 
The a 
verage quantity of propane stored is 45,000 gallons.  However, in the event of inclement weather, the storage could increase to 72,000 gallons. 
7 Worst-Case Release Scenario 
The worst-case release scenario would be a vapor cloud explosion.  The EPA's OCA guidance has been used to determine the end point for this scenario.  The scenario is based on storage of 72,000 gallons (360,000 lbs.) of propane.  The distance to an over pressure of 1.0 psi will be 0.59 miles.  The total residential population within this area is estimated to be 14. 
It is highly unlikely that the worst-case scenario will ever happen.  The product stored (propane) is at or below atmospheric pressure and at 100 psi or less.  The storage tanks are rated at 240 psi and have three 5 inch relief valves to relief excess pressure these valves are set 10 to 15 psi below the rated pressure of the storage tanks. 
The transfer lines from the plant to the storage are equipped with relief device that will shut the plant down i 
f the pressure exceeds 200 psi. 
7 Alternate-Case Scenario 
The alternate-case scenario considers a vapor cloud explosion from a one tank upset.  The scenario assumes the one tank to be filled with 24,000 gallons (120,000 lbs.) of propane.  The distance to an over pressure of 1.0 psi end point will be .40 miles.  The total residential population within the area is estimated to be 6. 
It is highly unlikely that this alternate-case will ever happen for the same reasons given in the worst-case scenario discussion. 
7 General Accident Release Prevention Program and Chemical-Specific Prevention Steps 
The Pineview gas processing plant is covered under the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard and has developed the required PSM Plan. 
All employees have a minimum of 8 years experience operating a gas processing plant.  These employees were involved in the construction of the present plant. 
There are shut down systems for each step in the process to protect employees and equipment. 
All critical equipment is visually inspected daily and ultra sonic testing is done every 5 years on vessels and piping.  Relief valves are inspected annually. 
Chemical safety training is presented annually to all plant personnel. 
7 Five Year Accident History 
There have been no offsite releases in the last five years. 
7 The Emergency Response Program 
Citation Oil and Gas personnel met with the Coalville Fire Chief and discussed the Emergency Response Plan for the gas plant. 
The Coalville Fire Department will be the primary responder to any release. 
Citation Oil and Gas personnel have been trained in response procedures and the limitations of company manpower.  Personnel have also been trained in chemical safety, including Hazard Communication, Personal Protective Equipment, and Portable Fire Extinguishers. Employees are also trained in Emergency First Aid and CPR. 
7 Planned Changes to Improve Safety 
Reduction in inventory will reduce the danger to employees and the public.  Met 
hods are now being studied to lower the inventory of propane in storage.
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