Lydall Westex, Hamptonville Operation - Executive Summary

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Propane is stored in four 1,000 gallon tanks for use as a fuel to heat a pass-through oven to dry latex-painted edges on parts and to power forklifts. Another 500 gallon tank of propane is for storage as fork truck fuel. 
Lydall Westex's Hamptonville Operation has an emergency plan on site. Management staff are trained in the use of manual. It is updated annually with the most recent revision in May 1999. The plan consists of spill response guides, names of emergency coordinators and emergency telephone numbers. Employees are trained in evacuation procedures, incipient fire procedures, fire extinguishers, and spill pesponse. Emergency phone numbers are posted next to telephones. 
This facility of Lydall Westex fabricates specialty insulating products for automobiles. These products are composites of fiberglass batts, polyester and foils used in door panels, flooring and engine compartments. Some are used to insulate car components, such as batteries, from engine heat sources. They can al 
so be made entirely of metal layers of stainless steel or aluminum, and are used to protect structural components such as engine mounts from heat damage. The propane fuel is used to fire a pass-through oven to dry painted edges on parts and to power forklifts. There is also a #5 fuel-fired boiler on site to heat the facility.
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