Prinsburg Farmers Coop - East Finishing Farm - Executive Summary

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             Risk Management Plan (RMP) - Propane 
                      Executive Summary 
       Prinsburg Farmers Coop - East Finishing Facility 
                     Prinsburg, Minnesota 
 1. Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies 
We at Prinsburg Farmers Coop - East Finishing Facility in Prinsburg, MN are strongly committed 
to employee, public, and environmental safety.  This commitment is an inherent part of our 
comprehensive accidental release prevention program that covers areas such as design, installation, 
operating procedures, maintenance, and employee training associated with the processes at our 
facility.  It is our policy to implement appropriate controls to prevent possible releases of regulated 
substances.  If such a release does occur, our trained emergency response personnel are at hand to 
control and mitigate the effects of the release.  We also c 
oordinate our response efforts with the 
Prinsburg Fire Department, which provides additional emergency response expertise. 
 2. Stationary Source and Regulated Substances Handled 
Our facility's primary activities include turkey production.  We have propane stored in a 12,000- 
gallon tank located at our east finishing facility in Prinsburg (Figure 1).  The maximum amount 
stored is 10,800 gallons (45,608.4 pounds) at the maximum fill capacity of 90 %. 
 3. Worst Case Release and Alternative Release Scenarios 
We utilized RMP PRO for the worst case scenario of the required offsite consequence analysis for 
our facility.  The following details this scenario. 
The worst case release scenario involves a catastrophic release of the entire contents of the largest 
propane storage tank (45,608.4 lbs.) in gaseous form over a 10-minute period.  At Class F 
atmospheric stability and 1.5 m/s wind speed, the maximum distance to an endpoint of 1 psi 
overpressure is 0.29 miles (Figure 2).  This amount o 
f overpressure can cause partial demolition of 
houses and can result in serious injury to people within this distance. 
    4. General Accidental Release Prevention Program 
No public receptors are located within the distance to the endpoint for the worst case scenario.  
Under the EPA's accidental release prevention requirements as set forth in 40 CFR part 68, a 
prevention program is not required for this facility. 
 5. Five-year Accident History 
Prinsburg Farmers Coop - East Finishing Facility has had an excellent record of preventing 
accidental releases over the last 5 years.  Due to our stringent release prevention policies, no 
accidental release has occurred during this period. 
 6. Emergency Response Plan 
Prinsburg Farmers Coop - East Finishing Facility maintains a written emergency response plan to 
deal with accidental releases of hazardous materials.  The plan addresses all aspects of 
emergency response including first aid and medical treatment, evacuations, and notification o 

local emergency response agencies and the public (Appendix A).
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