Fort Kipp Pump House - Executive Summary

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The community of Fort Kipp is located within the southeast corner of the Fort Peck Indian Reservstion along U.S. Highway No. 2.  Approximately nine (9) miles West of Culbertson and a twenty-two (22) miles East of Poplar within Roosevelt County.  Fort Kipp has 38 service connections, a church, two (2) community centers, head Start, laundromat, playground, Tribal ceremonial/pow-wow grounds, uses approximately 15,000 gallons of water per day.  The water is pumped from one well source within the community.  Fort Kipp is sustained by farming, ranching and basic services.  The original water system was designed and constructed in the early 70's and consisted of a well, pump hous, controls, water distribution system(4 " watermains), and a strosge fzcility.  the storage facility consists of an 40,000 gallon underground tank.  The pump house has a chlorinator system that was installed 1992, upon bacteriological contamination.  The chlorinator systemconsists of a 50 gallon solution tank, a posit 
ive-displacement pump with back pressurerelief/anti-syphon valve.  The chlorine unit, is a metering pump that can be regulated between internal and external pulsing by means of a switch with frequency control knob.  The pump drive is totally encapsulated in a chemical resistant housing to provide for maximum protection against chemical spillage.  Chemical metering pump valves are ball check valves seated on combination valve seat and seal ring, that are routinely checked and replaced as they get worn.  The four fucntion valve provides protection against chemical overloading and spillage, with negative pressure at discharge closing the diaphragm and preventing syphoning.   The pressure relief function de-pressurizes the discharge line preventing chemical overpumping and possible line ruptures.
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