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Westover Dairy 
RMP Executive Summary 
Accidental Release Prevention and Emergency Response Policies 
The Westover Dairy, Lynchburg, VA complies with the guidelines published by the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) for equipment specification and operating procedures, and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) for emergency response. Westover Dairy also complies with the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) standard for ammonia. If an emergency were to occur, it is our policy to notify the Lynchburg City Fire Department and request that they respond.   
Stationary Source and Regulated Substances 
Westover Dairy receives, stores and processes milk products. Many of the products must be stored at temperatures near or below freezing and, therefore, ammonia refrigeration systems are needed to cool and/or freeze different areas throughout the process.  
The facility was inventoried to determine the amount of ammonia typically stored on-site, as well as the  
amount of ammonia that could be stored in each piece of process equipment. The total system ammonia charge is 10,200 pounds. The largest vessel present in the system is the high-pressure receiver.   This vessel is filled to 80% of its capacity by NFPA codes, therefore the maximum quantity of 6,125 lbs. which is the amount used in the worst case release calculations. 
Worst Case Release Scenario and the Alternate Release Scenario 
The Worst-Case Release Scenario was determined to be the failure of the high-pressure receiver (6,125 lbs), when filled for storage. The high-pressure receiver is contained within a building. Using PhastProfessional computer modeling the distance to endpoint is a circle centered at the Compressor Room, with a 1.31 mile radius equivalent to the toxic endpoint of 0.14 mg/L.   
For the Alternative-Case Release Scenario, a rupturing of a 3/4 " pipe was used.  The impact zone encompasses a circle with a radius of 0.20 miles. The alternative scenario extends to neig 
hboring residential and industrial facilities.  
Accidental Release Prevention Program and Chemical Specific Prevention Steps 
Westover Dairy complies with the EPA's accident prevention rule and all applicable state and local codes and regulations. First and most, important, this facility is designed to promote prevention, both in the building itself and the equipment used as part of the refrigeration process. Written procedures are in place to manage changes in process chemicals, technology, equipment and procedures. Audits are regularly conducted to determine if all safety provisions are being properly implemented. We have a preventative maintenance program and maintenance schedule which includes regular maintenance of compressors, pumps, evaporators, condensers, control valves, ammonia detectors, scrubbers and emergency response equipment.   Westover Dairy promptly investigates any incident that has resulted in, or could reasonably result in, a catastrophic release of ammonia with p 
revention as our goal. Westover Dairy employees are encouraged to voice their views on accident prevention issues and to recommend possible changes because we believe that safety management and accident prevention require a team effort. 
Westover Dairy also is regulated by the OSHA Process Safety Management Rule (PSM). This regulation requires many of the same regulations as the RMP requirements for Program 3 such as; Process Safety Information, Process Hazard Analysis, Operating Procedures, Training, Mechanical Integrity and others. The PSM rule also includes Employee Participation, Pre-Startup Safety Reviews and Trade Secrets.  
Five Year Accident History 
This facility has had one accident in the past five years that released about 39 pounds of liquid ammonia.  There were no offsite impact.  The release was attributed, after an investigation, to equipment failure. As a result of the investigation, the equipment was upgraded. 
Emergency Response Program 
Westover Dairy has a written  
emergency response plan that is filed with the Lynchburg City LEPC. The Westover Dairy emergency response team receives training on fire fighting, hazardous materials and emergency medicine. The emergency response equipment is regularly inspected and serviced. Westover Dairy closely communicates with local and county response teams.  
Planned Changes to Improve Safety 
Based on this review of the ammonia refrigeration system there are no planned changes to improve safety at this time, however Westover Dairy is dedicated to continuously strive to achieve safety levels that equal or surpass the best in the industry..
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