JACKSON FARMERS INC. - Executive Summary

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Our company strives to maintain a safe workplace for our employees and for the communities we serve.  Our farmer owners, managers and employees have made every attempt to plan and prevent any accidental release of anhydrous ammonia.  The primary activity at the facility is the storage and transfer of anhydrous ammonia to our farmer customers nurse tanks. 
The maximum quantity stored would be 53,000 pounds in one 12,000 gallon storage tank.  The worst case release scenerio would be the release as a gas over 10 minutes.  The maximum quantity released would be 53000 pounds, which represents the volume of the storage tank at 85 percernt capacity as limited by design standards.  The distance to the endpoint is .74 miles.  
The alternative release scenario based on the five-year accident history is a release from a break in a transfer hose.  The distance to the endpoint is .41 miles.   
There has been no accidental release of anhydrous ammonia in the past five years that has caused injury or 
death on site or off site nor have we had a release that has required evacuation or sheltering in place. 
The emergency plan and coordination of this plan with local emergency responders is designed to minimize the risk to both employees and emergency responders and the general public.  We are proud of our excellent safety record and will always strive to improve our efforts.
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