About Us

15 years ago my son Aran Deltac and I created the very first U.S. based interactive toxic maps on the internet, the Santa Cruz Toxic Release Inventory - the beginnings of MapCruzin.com. Soon after we were hired by Environmental Defense to do the toxic facility maps for their new Chemical Scorecard website. Since then Aran and I have worked on many projects including 3 for the Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition. These interactive map-based projects include SVTC Toxic Chemical Point Sources, SVTC Cumulative Exposure Project, and SVTC Groundwater Contamination and Environmental Justice.

Mike Meuser
[email protected]

Mike Meuser began working with Toxic Release Inventory data in 1989 while an undergraduate at the University of California. He has continued his work with this and related data throughout his graduate school career and his GIS consultancy and resource center, MapCruzin.com. Email Mike at [email protected].

Aran Deltac has been programming since he was 12. It is Aran's technical expertise and belief in right-to-know that made these projects possible. He is now a programming team manager for a major U.S. company and continues to lend his expertise to our important mapping and database projects. Email Aran at [email protected].

ToxicRisk.com is built upon this foundation of knowledge and experience and is our latest effort to communicate toxic risks in the spirit of right-to-know.

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